While being a business owner motivates me to work, it is not the driving force behind why Element began. In my mid-twenties I hit a rut. My wife could see it before I could. My drive, energy, and ability to gain muscle seemed to disappear before my eyes. When I finally gave in and got my blood work checked, I found out my testosterone was sub-200 (my doctor said he would expect me in the 800 range). I was floored. With no reason for why this was happening, I felt like I had no control.  

I didn’t know how many men suffered from this problem. Had no family history indicating it should be an issue. With the little information I could find, I started my journey of self-injections. Twice a week, .5 ml of testosterone into my own body. Results at first were great. I was putting on muscle again, started getting my life back to normal… but that all came with a price. Mood swings and a rising cholesterol were causing a drop in quality of life for my whole family. I was only 30, but felt old, achy. I just felt like there had to be another way.

At a point of desperation, I discovered alternative forms of health improvement. I was very skeptical. Red-light therapy helping with testosterone, cryotherapy with balancing hormones, I did not want to get caught up in just another “quick fix” that was too good to be true. It ended up being a decision that would change my life.

Over regular use of each therapy I could get, I was able to stop giving myself injections. Instead of relying on synthetically developed testosterone, my body now produces it the way it was meant to.  I lost a lot of muscle during my transition, gaining far more in the way of emotional stability and overall quality of life. Seeing the change it made in my life made me want to share it with others.

Feeling better than I ever have before, I want nothing more than to help others improve their own quality of life. Element is how I hope to do just that. I challenge you to look at your health and ask if you are doing enough. When you do, if you feel there is room for improvement like most of us, we are here to help! 


President / CEO