We want you to feel your best from the inside out

Element was born out of a desire to help you feel your best. Our therapies may help reduce inflammation, chronic fatigue, acne, and much more. 


Your time is important to us. Our therapies are quick, and effective. cryo sessions are 3.5 minutes, or do all therapies in under an hour

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targeting inflammation

Our chamber encloses the entire body to truly cool the entire body, and drop temperatures quickly, and is nitrogen free


We believe inflammation is the root of most disease and pain. Our services reduce inflammation in a natural way, without medications



president / ceo

nathan Halling


our story

In my mid-twenties I hit a rut. My wife could see it before I could. My drive, energy, and ability to gain muscle seemed to disappear before my eyes. When I finally gave in and got my blood work checked, I was diagnosed with low testosterone and was told I needed to inject synthetic hormones to feel better. WIth no family history or experience, I followed those instructions twice a week. In less than a month I felt amazing. My gains came back, I had more energy, but that all came with a price. Mood swings and a rapidly deteriorating health was causing a drop in quality of life for my whole family. I was only 30, but felt old, achy. I just felt like there had to be another way.

At a point of desperation, I discovered alternative forms of health improvement. Red-light, cryotherapy, and eating clean to balance hormones, I did not want to get caught up in just another “quick fix” that was too good to be true. It ended up being a decision that would change my life. With regular treatment, over 6 months I stopped the injections and restarted my own hormone production. I lost muscle in the short term, but in the long term gained far more emotional stability and overall quality of life. Seeing the change it made in my life made me want to share it with others.

Element is how I hope to do just that. Hormone imbalance, pain, autoimmune issues, depression, anxiety, and ADHD are all problems I was able to help fix naturally. If you are struggling in any way, I challenge you to try our therapies and see if you can restore balance the way your body needs! 

Feeling chronic pain and inflammation

Taking medications and dealing with the side effects

Band-aid fixes and not addressing root causes

Not feeling your best mentally

Not sleeping and dealing with insomnia

Issues with skin and hair growth

Recovery after exercise

If you are ready to take charge of your health...our therapies are for you!




First time customers can try multiple therapies for only $69 with our wellness starter pack. Includes whole body cryotherapy, red-light therapy, compression, vibration plates, localized therapy + percussion massage.

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